You Can’t Stop Universal From Removing Your YouTube Videos

Written on:April 10, 2013
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In 2011, a New Jersey YouTuber named John McKelzey had what he considered to be a completely legal video removed from YouTube because it violated the site’s terms of use.

Last week, he learned that agreements between the Google-owned site and Universal Music Group may have destroyed any chance of reinstating his video on YouTube, no matter how legitimate his case may be.

The video was like nearly every other video that’s shown up on McKelzey’s YouTube channel over the past five years: a multimedia review of a hip-hop album that blends McKelzey’s own take on the album with short, low-quality audio snippets, many of which last less than less than a minute. In the case of the deleted video, the album McKelzey reviewed was the 12″ single for Eric B. and Rakim’s iconic “Eric B. is President,” a pressing that put the Long Island duo’s “My Melody” on the back side. Read more…

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