Reddit Is Becoming an Imageboard — Here’s Proof

Written on:March 22, 2013
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After President Obama’s historic campaign stop on Reddit, the Daily Dot claimed the social news site is “becoming the world’s largest image forum, where famous people occasionally come to promote themselves.”

Now there’s a study that backs up that assertion.

On March 12, Michigan State University graduate research assistant Randy Olson, with help from longtime redditor Chad Birch, revealed a series of graphs that documented the history of the Internet’s self-proclaimed front page.

The graphs detailed the rise—and decline—of the site’s many nooks and crannies as proven by user submissions. By 2009, content-specific subreddits, which increased on an annual basis, managed to eclipse the content posted to r/, the site’s longtime miscellany subreddit. In 2011, r/ was permanently closed.

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