Join us for a night of fireside chats with Brian Solis, Audrey Cooper, Matt Greeley, and John Troyer

Written on:June 1, 2014
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The San Francisco Chronicle recently launched a social media bootcamp for its reporters. Brightidea touts its product as “the most powerful software available for corporate innovation teams.” Brian Solis studies the effects of social media and disruptive technology on business, marketing, entertainment, and culture.

How do newspapers innovate to stay alive? How does crowdsourcing accelerate innovation? How can a company use its advocates to drive innovation? Separately, The Chronicle, Brightidea, and VMware are disparate blips in the digital revolution, but together, with Solis to set the context, we’ll learn how companies can adapt to be leaders in the 21st Century marketplace. Audrey Cooper, managing editor of The San Francisco Chronicle, Matt Greeley, Founder and CEO of Brightidea, and John Troyer, Director & Social Media Evangelist at VMware, will join Solis and the Social Media Club of San Francisco to talk innovation and disruption, and to answer our questions.

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