Flawk Lets You Host Twitter Q&As in Real Time

Written on:March 6, 2014
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Goodbye, Reddit AMAs and hard-to-follow Twitter Q&As. Hello, Flawk

A communication tool of one-to-many, Flawk revolutionizes the way celebrities and fans interact. The real-time engagement platform is a lot like hosting live AMAs with your Twitter followers.

Co-founders Kabriel Robichaux and Matt Coalson met 12 years ago at game development company Electronic Arts; they’ve been dreaming up Flawk for the past six.

“We spent most of our careers building games to let thousands of people fight the same dragon online,” Robichaux tells Mashable. “Why can’t we have 100 people talk to Katy Perry at the same time? Why do we have to leave a message on Twitter and hope that sometime, they’ll get back to us?” Read more…

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