You Can’t Talk About Yourself Enough, Apparently

Written on:January 26, 2014
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cb012514 I had the most fascinating experience recently. I put out a survey to the subscribers of my newsletter. The very last question on the survey asked whether you’d refer Owner magazine to their friends. Some number of them said, “I would, but I don’t even know the URL.” Others said, “I didn’t know you started a magazine.” And so on.

I swear, to ME, it feels like it’s all I talk about. I tweet almost 30 tweets a day almost every day pointing people to Owner. My About page starts by saying I’m publisher of Owner magazine. Ditto my social media profiles. My LinkedIn profile leads with it. I link to it all the damned time. And yet, people keep saying, “Oh! I didn’t know you were producing a business magazine.”

Think About That

With over a quarter million Twitter followers and almost that many readers of this blog, most people weren’t especially aware of what I do.

How many people follow you? How many people do you tell about your business every day?

Maybe I’ve Got It All Backwards

I’ve said for YEARS that it’s important to talk to people about themselves, to make the story theirs, to put their story first and foremost. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe we DO have to talk about ourselves endlessly. Maybe if we don’t, people just will never really click in what we do, how we do it, and most importantly to the real point, who we serve.

My Strategy As It Has Been

For the last many months, I’ve been sharing the various articles published by the authors of Owner magazine (which I publish, have you heard?). My intent is helping people with the challenges those articles cover.

My New Strategy

Chris Brogan should refer to himself in the third person. More importantly, Chris Brogan the publisher of Owner magazine should refer to himself in the third person.

2014-01-04 08.15.22


And I dunno. Maybe I’ll hire dirigibles to fly around sporting events saying “Chris Brogan publishes Owner magazine, and you really should check out Owner magazine (which Chris Brogan publishes).

What do you think? I publish Owner magazine. It’s . What about you? Do you know that I publish Owner magazine, which I publish? Chris Brogan, that is?

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