Why Medium Might Be Large

Written on:March 13, 2013
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Medium I’m pretty interested in this nifty longer-form platform, Medium, from the founders of Twitter. I don’t normally like to write about specific tools (especially after I keep telling people I’m not into social media, but this might be an exception.

First, Typography and Clean Design Is Ruling

I love Google+. I’m a huge fan of the look and feel of the platform, and it’s serving my business interests well. Similarly, what’s going on at Medium is that it looks really nice, partly due to the typography and very clean design. Writing a post in Medium is the opposite of writing a post in WordPress (and before I get hate mail, I’m writing this on WordPress, and my business runs 100% on WordPress, so shush). It’s gorgeous. Let me show you what it looks like:

Medium 2

That’s both the “composition” view as well as the “what it’ll look like when published.” Beautiful, right? Just clean and gorgeous. Things just kind of appear like ghosts when I need them. But that’s just one feature. It’s not the killer feature that will make Medium potentially have a long future.

Medium Is Organized Around Collections

Turn that word “collection” into “conversations” (it would’ve been called that if this were 2007, but there are Social Media police, and we’ve all decided that “conversation” is no longer an okay term to use. Ditto, rockstar, guru, ninja (unless you’re Christopher S Penn), and so on.

So far, as of this posting, I’ve written five posts, all of them in a different collection (check my writing out here). I’ve written about what mantras and chanting have done to improve my business. I’ve written about Microsoft Windows 8 and how it’s a disruptor. I’ve written about my mostly plant-based eating choices. All over the map.

If I wrote this way on this blog, it’d be hard to know whether to subscribe or not. (Yes, I write somewhat varied material here, but there’s still a general theme.) That, to me, is the magic button of Medium.

How it’s curated and how it appears (so clear and simple) is what will endear people to dip in and read.

Will It Be a Great Place For Marketers?

Absolutely. Sponsored posts could slip into the collections, labeled somehow differently, and life would be just fine. The folks who own this could even charge for the posting of such sponsored posts and make money (Shhh. Don’t tell them. They’re still trying to figure out how to make money on their other platforms.)

Should Medium Replace Your Blog

No. Nay. Never. Nothing will. Sorry folks who’ve fled to Google+. That’s like renting a hotel room, putting up your Zeppelin posters and thinking you’re home.

Can You Get Into Medium?

Not right away. There’s a waiting list. So wait. It’ll come. It always does. And in the mean time? Go read some neato posts. There are tons.

Go Medium or Go Home. Hmmm. Not sure that’s a great line, but I bet it’ll wind up on a shirt.

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