Stop Making Content Just to Make It

Written on:November 20, 2013
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Listen, you’ve been told that “content is king.” Far too many times, I’d add. But it’s not the meal. It’s the condiment.Harold Brogan, Pizza King

You’ve been told to blog daily, or tweet ten times a day, or make four facebook updates, or whatever you’ve been told. How the hell do I know? But at this point, is it getting you anywhere? Are you getting more business by just throwing whatever you think of up onto the web?

The only contrarian I’ve ever heard tell us to stop making all this content is Derek Halpern. I think maybe (maybe!) Julien Smith is also of this mind (or was. Is?). Most everyone else is saying, make content, damn it!

Well, and Jay Baer has the future in mind with his Youtility book (affiliate link). If you haven’t bought this book, stop what you’re doing and do that. I swear, this is 2014′s big thing (or one of a few).

Content Must SERVE Two People

If you’re going to make content, check both these boxes: does this serve my business? (pursuits, etc) Does this serve the community? You have to say yes to both, or don’t bother. If you’re just “writing to be heard,” stop it. It’s done. Game over. No one has time for that. You’re wasting your time, and also your audience’s time. Stop it.

Make it Useful

If you’re going to tell a great story, tell a story we can use for our world. This story does that (one hopes). I’m sharing thoughts you can apply to your world. That’s why you read me, right?

Speaking Of That

I just launched a new project for people seeking to own their lives, own their business, and own their future. It’s called the Owner Mastery Foundation Group, or if you’ve caught on, OMFG. It’s going to be fun. We’ve already had a bunch of people sign up, as it’s very germane to this very concept. How will you own the universe if you’re off doing things that waste time and give little of value to you or your community?

Let’s own it together, shall we?


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