Steven Pressfield – NEARLY Exclusive Interview

Written on:June 28, 2012
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Steven Pressfield and Chris Brogan

Holy cats! I got a nearly exclusive interview with Steven Pressfield, author of about a dozen books, but in this case, Turning Pro: Tap Your Inner Power and Create Your Life’s Work (amazon affiliate link). This is all Jacq‘s fault, because she said she was all excited about Turning Pro, and that I should drop what I was reading and read it. And of course, it was awesome. And so I begged Pressfield for an interview. The thing is, he doesn’t really want to talk about Turning Pro. We could talk about his other fiction books all day, and he’d be excited. But, he’s not really into talking about Turning Pro, or his other incredible work, The War of Art.

That said, Steven was willing to spend a few minutes with me, and this is what we talked about (spanning why he doesn’t do interviews, doesn’t want the money to keynote, and why he thinks that mainstream publishing is still the way to go most times). Authors will love Pressfield’s thoughts, but business people of all stripes will learn from this interview. (Oh, and it’s nearly exclusive because Jonathan Fields is the other guy Pressfield wants to talk with. Why? Because Fields is awesome.)

Steven Pressfield on Why The Work Must Stand Alone, and More

Can’t see the video? Click Here

It was such an honor to be able to talk with Steven about his work. If you want to learn more from his amazing blog, go to, and if you want your own copy of Turning Pro, click here.

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