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Written on:June 10, 2014
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“But you’re Chris Brogan.” I hear this all the time (mostly because that’s my name). People will say, “I want to get started in public speaking.” I say, “So speak.” They say, “But no one will have me.”

When I started speaking, no one would have me. I showed up to a BarCamp. Anyone can speak there, if they find a space in the schedule. I decided to talk about something I’d blogged about lately. You see, I was already a public speaker. I just did it in textual form on my blog.

Some people came. Christopher S. Penn was there. It started a great friendship and a partnership that led us to cofound PodCamp. It was fun. I was a nobody. I wasn’t “Chris Brogan.” I was just Chris Brogan.

And I spoke everywhere I could find. For free. Tons and tons. And then I spoke for money because Christine Perkett hired me. Thereafter, I spoke for a little more money, and a little more money. And then Guy Kawasaki gave me my big speaking break. I went from charging $2,500 to $25,000 because Guy told me to do so.

And then I wrote a book with Julien Smith, and it was successful, so I could justify charging that much.

And now years later, I speak all over the world, to princesses and to trade organizations and to a little middle school in Monmouth, Maine (pictured above).

Because I started. Because one day I wasn’t a speaker and then I was. Because one day I wasn’t an author and then I was. Because one day YOU weren’t a _____, ….. and then?

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